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tv   [untitled]    September 13, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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to washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture violence and unrest continues in egypt and libya today as additional anti-american rides are broken out across the middle east but as secrecy surrounds the supposed film that set off all the violence what's really going on in the middle east and what happens next also mitt romney managed to turn a national tragedy into a political attack filled with this information and downright lives is this the lowest romney can sink before november or are we in for even more lies and
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deception and the pennsylvania state supreme court heard arguments today in that state's controversial voter suppression idea law which would prevent hundreds of thousands of eligible pennsylvanians from voting in november the court of all the law or will the right wing's voter suppression drive be halted in the keystone state. you need to know this spread to yemen today as an angry mob stormed the u.s. embassy in sanaa tearing down the american flag burning it pelting the building with rocks and smashing windows so far ports indicate that no one inside the embassy was injured however for you many protesters were killed in clashes with police just like the attacks on the u.s. embassy in egypt in the u.s. consulate in libya on tuesday officials believe this attack in yemen was prompted
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by the anti muslim film made here in the united states insulting the prophet muhammad however new reports are suggesting that the attack in libya that claimed the life of embassador christopher stevens and three other diplomats may have been pre-planned for nine eleven by a terror. organization meanwhile in egypt protests outside the u.s. embassy in cairo continue hundreds of protesters held that egyptian police with rocks and molotov cocktails and state television reports that there have been more than two hundred people injured so far in these clashes these recent attacks against american diplomatic interests are strained ties between the united states and several foreign leaders interview with telemundo on wednesday president obama said that he doesn't consider the current government in egypt and ally and a twitter feud erupted today between the ruling muslim brotherhood party in egypt and the u.s. embassy in cairo also in libya the to the u.s. military is deploying two warships marines and drones in response to tuesday's attack on the consulate egypt libya and yemen are all nations that got swept up in
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the arab spring and today are in the midst of revolution which is never easy so what can be gleaned from these recent events and what might the future hold for that region. he joins me now from new york he is a spokesperson for the many american coalition for change and illegal worker with the center for constitutional rights in yemen and from california dr mark le vine a professor of history at the university of california irvine with a focus on the middle east welcome to you both thank you for joining us tonight thanks for. the bring him the u.s. diplomatic buildings were attacked and three nations that have been touched by the arab spring what conclusions so far can we draw from what we're seen. basically i think the yemenis cross including the president of yemen and the civil society. peaceful protests is around the country actually condemning the attack
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on the u.s. embassy. and that's basically no one so far. and the case that they were organizing these kind of violent protests outside the embassy and so. however is an acceptable and in an islamic way to express anger toward a filmmaker and the u.s. which has nothing to do with the u.s. . you know u.s. government but at the same time you know the u.s. policies in yemen i think needs to be viewed there's a lot of anger from the drone strikes in yemen basically that is being taken place all across the country about a week zero two weeks ago they were in this town called the red hour where eleven civilians were killed and about thirty injured and so the bottom line here is not about the just respond to the to the film but also there is some anger
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towards. dr love on in here. we keep hearing of this movie as the motivator is put forward as the thing that really triggered this off but i like your thoughts on it but i think certainly was it was the spark for the first protest which apparently occurred in cairo earlier in the day on the eleventh that led to protests in benghazi. which you know were the spark for the attack on the embassy consulate rather which is what led to the ambassador many other people but i think clearly whether or not the. attacks in benghazi were motivated just by you know desires for revenge against the film or were part of a premeditated planned by some sort of are affiliated groups who attacked the consulate for the anniversary the issue really is that muslims all over the arab
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world especially but certainly in pakistan and iran as well continue to be very very very angry at decades of u.s. support for some of the most brutal and despotic regimes in the world and support that continues right to this very day and you know until we knowledge that until we acknowledge our own role in perpetuating this situation we're never going to get beyond it at the same time though i think it's important to point out even if let's say you know in the city like cairo several hundred people protested in protest of violently there are twenty million people living in cairo so two hundred or even two thousand out of twenty million really is such a minute number to draw conclusions about some sort of larger clash of civilizations or desire for revenge against the west by you know the arab people is grossly overestimating what's really happening. even him the.
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actually draw on my radio show today i had two different people called in from houston who is apparently there's a hotel there that is heavily used by the saudi royal family they have a floor in it and the and saudi television plays by satellite in this hotel and indicated that over the last few weeks there has been heavy kevvy coverage of about this movie and coverage of protests that would be happening on nine eleven do you know anything about that is there anything to that now and then i really i really don't have much information on that. you know i think that it's a small group of maybe. behind that's behind the scene but the vast majority of yemenis twenty five. million people in yemen don't support any kind of the violence and clearly the protesters and yemen who been in the streets since almost two years now. peaceful protest is don't believe in violence even against their
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own government even against those who actually fired at them and so but also like i said before i think the u.s. policy in the m. and a it's only a policy that is only focusing on terrorism haven't really invested in development invested and haldeman the youth and the yemenis to some justice are you are you suggesting after world war two when we helped destroy much of europe we rebuilt it with the marshall plan are you suggesting that we should be doing a marshall plan for these arab countries that we've helped destroy. what i'm what i'm suggesting here is that you know any foreign policy in yemen should respect the yemenis demand should encourage a mutual respect and mutual interests and also encourage the you've movement and yemen i think the u.s. government has a golden opportunity to work with the youth in
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a civil society yet they do seem to work just with the same all politics. and the opposition clearly they never had a clear plan for yemen and they never you know support they own people political. both the opposition the political parties and and the the current regime basically don't have any real plans for yemen and so. right now keeps going on t.v. talking about. you know attacking the opposition attacking the governments and this guy is one of the you know the u.s. allies i think they should be a way to shut him off which is accountability and justice but i'm. and i try oh. yeah and the money he sent all over the place isn't the money he has which is a money that belongs to the country and the people this guy have billions of dollars and around the world that can be used. and we need to know exactly who was
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behind all these attacks there wasn't any real investigation when it comes to attacks when it comes to you know the drone strikes when it comes to all kind of attacks so we haven't had any real and recitation n.e.m.a. and so i think it'll have dr levi in in back in your thoughts on. how this relates to to al qaeda or any other specific group so i think first of all he's absolutely right you know the yemeni yemen is supposedly one of the most violent places on earth where the yemeni revolution started the people's revolution and to this very day the vast majority of protesters including many tribal peoples who certainly had enough arms to just cause a lot of bloodshed and kept this revolution nonviolent even in the face of significant violence against them by the government so when you think about that then you know to go back to these old kind of oriental strokes that the yemenis are arabs are all violent just makes no sense but also i think it's crucial to
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understand what we were saying about her because you know we talk about the conspiracies behind this movie this guy named sam the c.e.o. who actually has another name well it turns out it might have been and that i mean kooker you know where we certainly was a fraud so there again if i only yeah or supposedly who knows where the money came from but you know that's nothing compared to the conspiracy behind keeping a man like sala in our for dozens of years where he has stolen billions and billions of dollars from his people with the connivance help and support of the west so you know the thing that we should be thinking about is not that there might be several thousand people in cairo or. or you know around the arab world against us in europe we have sat there is not several hundred thousand or several million because doing this on a regular basis because we have done everything possible to create and sustain a region that is defined by despotism authoritarianism and violence doesn't mean of
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course that we can excuse or that there is any excuse for those people who would use violence against any innocent people or against anyone who hasn't read and so they go dr levi and mr khatami thank you but both so much for being with us tonight thanks for having me much appreciated after the break i've told you over and over again the only way mitt romney can win in november is by allying his way into the white house in the last two days he's turned a national tragedy into a misleading political attack and it was work or fail for america's political point alkio our next guest might have been tony i have an answer.
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here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that many americans call a donor. i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares an awful lot about you sir are a fool you know what that is my carousels neighborhood watch usa to feature isn't a liberal and the christian point you. can see through the beliefs of others. through the corporate media distracts us from what you and i should care about because they're a profit driven industry that sells a sensational stick garbage he calls it breaking news i'm not me martin and we're going to break that. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you
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glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom are welcome to the big picture. if.
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with new polls showing there romney losing in the presidential race is campaign now appears to be taking the advice of sarah pail listen to this exchange that alun had with bill o'reilly on tuesday night. steve. very softly worded statement last night do you regret the tone at all given what we know now. that the embassy in cairo put a statement after their grounds had been breached protesters were inside the grounds they reiterated that was course not sarah palin there bill o'reilly we have bill or ali and sarah palin we do not ok in any case basically sarah palin said you know that mitt romney wants to when he has to start using words like socialist and really beating up on the president of course that's coming from the same politician
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who didn't shy away from the whole obama is palin around with terrorists talking points but sure enough romney is playing the sarah palin game in the midst of an international tragedy with u.s. diplomatic buildings under attack and ambassador dead romney took advantage of the crisis to attack the president on wednesday. steve. perry we worded statement last night do you regret the tone at all given what we know now . to the embassy in cairo put out a statement after their grounds had been breached protesters were inside the grounds they reiterated that statement after the breach i think it's a. a. a terrible course to for america to to stand in apology for our values that instead when. our grounds are being attacked and being breached that the first response of
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another states must be outrage at the a breach of the sovereignty of our nation and here's how difficult it was for romney to get those words out of his mouth because he knew he was doing something wrong he knew it was wrong to launch a false attack on the president while on american diplomatic building allies in charred ruins in libya and angry crowds still surround the embassy in cairo he knew he was lying and that the statement from the u.s. embassy in egypt came before the embassy was breached but he did it anyway because he's a loser. and he paid the price for it as members of his own party lined up to criticize him for that line of attack including former department of homeland security secretary tom ridge former republican presidential candidate jon huntsman and conservative commentator peggy noonan but that didn't deter other republicans from coming forward and piling on president obama liz cheney and senator john mccain and jim in off so the attacks on our embassies are the result of president obama's
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weight foreign policy and governor good hair rick perry released a scathing attack on the president reading in president obama's shameful lack of leadership in egypt the call made in the burning of our flag or our own embassy in cairo yesterday it is no wonder our enemies in the region are emboldened and our allies are afraid so is this a new low coming from the right which is now relying on misleading attacks to exploit the tragedy overseas to hurt president obama might happen tony joins me now he's an attorney and host a ring of fire radio mike welcome back tom just great and i hope you're well too a pointed out mitt romney's stutters during his press conference the one yesterday the you know when he full day later when he genuinely knew that he is lying he was just choking to get those words out and he kept looking down into his left which is where people usually store auditory information like the words that are memorized you know the n.l.p. thing. do you agree with that analysis. well here's the way i see this whole thing tom just like most things about mitt most americans have very little information
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about what mitt thinks about foreign policy because mainstream media has but done such a terrible job asking him questions these events as you point out do put mitt on the spot because he has to finally ask some question as to answer some questions we know some things tom we know some things already about mitt we know at this point mitt has told us that he surrounded himself with about sixty percent of the same people that were surrounding the w. bush when he engaged in a war in iraq it's the same policy people who matter that these are policy people that were handpicked by dick cheney the same people the same war hawks who lied their way into iraq this same war hawks who wanted to gin up if you remember they the same people that mitt romney is surrounding himself with wanted to gin up a war in north korea they wanted to do the same in syria and iran so the romney
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team the people who run these surrounding himself with are basically the project for a new america a new american century folks and so right now the first time that mitt romney has really been had where they've really asked him about foreign policy is right now that's why he stuttered that's why he stammered because they've never asking tough questions and all of a sudden he's getting tough questions getting a sense in on the flip side of this like i'm getting a sense from the right especially watching fox i watch fox news last night for about an hour's. screw sheeting really painful but and again it's you know somebody's got a there's a certain giddiness scenes over this unrest in egypt and libya that it could give the republicans what they need to knock president obama for his foreign policy i'm wondering if you're seeing the same thing and and how disturbing this could be why i am seeing a guinness but obama look obama handled this exactly like a stay. and he'll continue to do that first he said let's get the facts first yes
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this is a horrible thing we're not we're not your ally but we're not your enemy we have you have to act responsibly when you deal with american lives here so the point is this that what we're going to see more and more on this issue is we're going to it's like kicking over a rotten log and all of a sudden all these people from the war hawks that i was talking about a minute ago they start surfacing these are people who wanted to control if you if you remember what this project for a new american century was about is they said we want to control the oil rich mideast proactively we want to preemptively go in there with strikes when we think something's wrong this would have been one of those times where they would have gone in preemptively with a strike the truth is and here's what people need to understand we we when we talk about it we talk about the economy talk about jobs we talk about domestic issues this is a man when i look at him i see a mushroom cloud behind his head this is a guy if you remember just
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a couple of weeks ago was talking about how russia is our number one geo political enemy is if the cold war cold war is still knocking around in this head he's the same guy during the primaries who thought it would be a good idea to invade north korea good idea to invade iran so we have to take this guy very seriously because we're not talking about a tactical problem a tactical war that's going to take place in the middle east we're not talking about libya by themselves or iran by themselves we're talking about iran plus china libya plus russia and the point is this you have you have a man who has no discipline he never thought it through he's been influenced by people like john bolton eliot cohen richard perle who are salivating for the opportunity to start another war in the mideast and it could backfire on the republicans because the american public already thinks of them is war hawks and when these people. surfacing i think it's more of a problem for the republicans well let's hope so i've. read in some blogs
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suggest that the polling is showing that just over the last two days the number of americans who think obama is a muslim has increased and there are some signs that that might be the result of the attack that romney made that that was the subtle subtext of that message the romney was putting forward was you know obama really has more of a loyalty to these muslim people than he does to us and therefore he's apologizing to them did you know he's secretly a muslim your thoughts on that is a republican strategy well they've taken the shot at that tom it has a short it has you know if you're going to have the core of people who still have never changed their mind about the idea that obama is a muslim in their crazy mind you'll never change that you might pick up a few people that say oh well this makes me more this makes me more concerned about him being a muslim but i don't think it's meaningful i think what the democrats have to do is continue coming back to the picture that here this is a statesman obama is
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a statesman who's trying to avoid war trying to keep us out of a war he's not giving anything up and on the other side is this character that looks like slim pickens out of dr strangelove riding a damn nuclear bomb to this earth and it in the problem is this this is serious this is a serious issue we need to start talking about had dangerous mitt romney use from the standpoint simply of the people he surrounded himself with these are dangerous dangerous people i can't overemphasize that you know mike we have just just thirty seconds left if the media has chosen the frame of this was a a political attack not it was a lie why. well i mean first of all the political attack from from romney's standpoint it was planned i mean he's always wanted to say things like this this just gave him the opportunity just been waiting for the opportunity to use those words they were simply well they were poorly thought out timing wise and i think
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will continue to work against me he can't help himself ok mike papen tonio thank you so much for being with us tonight thank you joan. and i do a major announcement today coming from the fed chairman of the federal reserve ben bernanke he announced a new round of monetary stimulus by the fed to do something about persistently high unemployment his new plan will pump eighty five billion dollars into the economy by purchasing mortgage backed securities and trading short term bonds for long term bonds with the banks basically that means pumping more money into the economy fed also took a rather bold step today in saying this new stimulus program is open ended and that the fed will continue these measures of unemployment doesn't start falling faster now there are legitimate criticisms against what the fed is doing primarily that it won't have the sort of stimulative effect on the economy that's needed since banks still won't lend to small businesses but really there's nothing else the fed can do remember the fed was created with a dual mandate one to keep inflation under control and two to keep unemployment low
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by law they have to do both of those things and since republicans in congress refused to do anything to address high unemployment america done so for three years blocking stimulus after stimulus after stimulus and the fed is the only institution left that can at least make a dent in that jobless number and that's what it's trying to do and it's very telling the republicans are criticizing the fed's efforts today since they all we all know by now that they're banking on a bad economy to win big in november. thank . you so. crazy alert by nine car washes and get free sex things get real dirty at the carwash at least in malaysia car wash in malaysia has been shut down after offering a very interesting incentive to customers come get
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a car wash nine times and get free sex afterwards my customer loyalty program was a joint effort between the car wash and a local massage parlor local police discovered the partnership after raiding the massage parlor for other reasons and fining carwash customer hunch cards who said free sex of the given after nine washes police arrest of the nine didn't these women seen here with thought to be the prostitutes working with the car wash as well as four men who were running the loyalty program has seen a crafty car wash scheme definitely give you meaning to the words work at the carwash. coming up civil liberties advocates scored a huge win over the obama administration yesterday we'll find out more from author and journalist chris hedges including what his role was in this extraordinary victory over the infamous national defense authorization act or n.d.a. .
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you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you limp something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture .


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